CO2 Carbon Capture Workshop


Dr. Ahmed Aboudheir

Chief Technology Officer

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Topic: Renfrew, Scotland - Carbon Capture Workshop

Delta CleanTech & Doosan Babcock are pleased to invite your engineering team for a workshop about the best available and commercial Carbon Capture Technologies for CO2 capture from flue gases and tail gases. These proven technologies will assist your company to meet the Net Zero Footprint targets, which have been declared during the Glasgow 26th UN Climate Change Conference. The technologies of CO2 capture presented in this workshop is specifically targeting the emissions from industrial point sources such as natural gas processing, oil refineries, hydrogen production, cement plants, chemical productions, power generation, etc.

Who will attend
Engineers from industry sectors, government environmental departments, education institutes, research institutes, and EPC companies

When is the workshop

January 24, 2022
9 AM to 12 PM Local Time (GMT+00:00)
Can I attend the workshop in Person?
Yes! More details to come soon!

Virtual attendees

Zoom Invitation and the login info will be provided after registration.

What you will Learn

  • Industrial CO2 Emission Sources and their properties.
  • Commercially available technologies for removal of CO2 from gaseous streams.
  • Solvent formulations to meet the production capacity and the clean up targets.
  • Process configurations to minimize the capital costs.
  • Plant operating parameters to minimize the operation costs.
  • Solvent management to keep the plant operation in steady state while meeting the process recovery rates, minimum emissions to atmosphere, and minimum waste for disposal.

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