What We Do

Delta CleanTech Inc. is a leading provider of technology for pre/post-combustion CO2 capture from industrial sources, enabling significant and economical reduction of greenhouse gas emissions since 2004. Delta’s goal is to deliver practical solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, CO2 utilization, and help solve the challenges of energy security and transition. Led by a team of experts in carbon capture, Delta’s customers achieve their individual carbon capture goals through precise modeling, scaling, and costing. Delta CleanTech combines its own proprietary patented technologies with a global partnership network to meet aggressive 21st century carbon emission reduction targets.

the latest and most cost-effective CO2 capture technologies

Delta Carbon Capture Technology

  • Delta has developed a proprietary CO2 capture system which is called Low-Cost Design or LCDesign® to significantly reduce: - CAPEX & OPEX (CO2 Cost) - Emissions, Effluent, & Waste  Chemical/Water Consumption - Plant Size - Labor Requirement 
  • Modular Design Approach is used to design and scale the plants from 1 to 1000 Tonne CO2 per day (>1000 TPD requires site specific design) 
  • LCDesign® is based on reactive chemical solvents utilizing a proven & leading industrial technology, DeltaSolv®

Solvent and Glycol Purification Systems

Solvent Purification Technology: Delta Reclaimer®

  • Unique yet uncomplicated system 
  • Minimal waste for disposal 
  • Reduced utility consumption 
  • Simple to operate & maintain 
  • High solvent recovery

Certified CO2 Offset Credits

Carbon Rx

Carbon RX will originate, validate the fidelity, and certify voluntary carbon credits that will incorporate legacy & new industrial processes with legacy & new technologies, which will require Carbon RX’s carbon credit fidelity validation and monetization platform. Some of these industries to note are CO2 Capture Removal Process; CO2 Capture through Blue Hydrogen; CO2 Capture through cement plant exhaust; methane collection and incineration; reclaiming of industrial liquids; CO2 in-ground sequestration; and CO2 mitigation in agriculture, forestry and mining.

Carbon RX will digitize the carbon credit offset by leveraging digital database technology, to deliver security, fidelity and liquidity to carbon markets through a decentralized platform that formalizes carbon credit digitized trading and better monetizes the full value of carbon credits.