Blue Hydrogen

Delta Blue hydrogen business market opportunity

Grey hydrogen accounts for some 95% of the hydrogen produced in the world today.

Delta CleanTech business approach from 2021 to 2030 is to integrate its Low Cost Design, LCDesign®, Carbon Capture within the existing large grey hydrogen plants (retrofit) in order to convert these plants to Blue Hydrogen production as well as capturing CO2 on newly installed blue hydrogen plants.


Grey hydrogen

Split natural gas into hydrogen and CO2

CO2 emitted in the atmosphere

2021 - 2030

Blue hydrogen

Split natural gas into hydrogen and CO2

CO2 stored or reused

2030 - 2050

Green hydrogen

Split water into hydrogen by electrolysis powered by water or wind

No CO2 emitted 



InnoTech Calgary CO2 Capture Plant

  • Delta’s CO2 Capture Technology was competitively selected to provide the CO2 for the NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE competition.
  • Installed at the Enmax Sheppard NG fired power plant.
  • Delta and construction partners, built and commissioned the CO2 capture plant which included integrated solvent reclaiming technology.
  • Delta is supporting InnoTech in operating, optimizing, and supervising the CO2 capture technologies evaluation test campaigns, which are planned after the XPRIZE competition concludes.